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‘Dr Emma Katz is the world’s leading expert on coercively controlling abuse and children’

Dr Emma Katz provides presentations and training on coercive control and domestic violence and abuse

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Expert On Coercive Control

One of the world's leading experts on how coercive control affects children and mother-child relationships

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Expert witness work in cases where parents/children have experienced coercive control

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For domestic abuse survivors - help survivor parents to coach children to recover & strengthen their parent-child relationships

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Emma operates as a trainer and presenter on domestic abuse for organisations.

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Expert On Coercive Control

The world’s leading academic expert on how coercive control affects children and mother-child relationships

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Expert Speaker

Dr Katz provides presentations and training for organisations on coercive control and domestic violence

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Professional feedback on Dr Emma Katz

‘Dr Katz’s presentation was highly informative and enlightening. All of the attendees were extremely satisfied. I would recommend Dr Katz be approached to facilitate training on this subject matter as she is clearly very knowledgeable about domestic violence and abuse in its many guises and the impact it has on women and children.’
South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland
‘I absolutely LOVED the Emma Katz training. So unbelievably helpful, I have been using it so much already. It really defined for me the difference between coercive control and someone who is a user of violence. The way Emma described coercive control impacting on multiple facets of victims-survivors’ life/functioning really helped me to understand many of my clients’ situations a lot better. We see so much coercive control in our agency, so having more knowledge about it is extremely precious and really does inform my practice and impacts outcomes for clients and their children. I was completely enthralled for the entire session. My colleagues who also did the training felt the same as me and raved about it.’
Women’s Caseworker and Programme Facilitator at Family Violence Agency in Tauranga, New Zealand
‘Your presentation was powerful, clear, credible and relevant.’
George Washington University, USA
National Family Violence Law Center
‘Extremely satisfied… very enlightening and really helped the audience understand what coercive control is and how to recognise it.’
Warwickshire Federation of Women’s Institutes, England

Dr Katz's Book

Coercive Control in Children’s and Mothers’ Lives

Coercive control is a severe form of domestic violence experienced by millions of children worldwide. It involves a perpetrator using a range of tactics to intimidate, humiliate, degrade, exploit, isolate and control a partner or family member. Some coercive control perpetrators use violence, others do not.

Drawing on interviews with children and mothers who have experienced coercive control-based domestic violence, this groundbreaking book sheds light on the impacts of coercive control on children, how it is perpetrators who must be held accountable for those impacts, and how resistance by children and mothers occurs. Resistance happens in everyday life, not just in response to incidents of violence. Breaking free from coercive control is not a one-off event but a sustained battle for safety and recovery in which child and adult survivors need supports and professional interventions that work.

Written accessibly for students, researchers, practitioners, survivors of domestic violence, and anyone with a general interest in the topic, the book provides a child-centered perspective to revolutionize our understanding of how children are affected by coercive control-based domestic violence.