Expert Speaker on Coercive Control and Domestic Violence

Dr Emma Katz is an experienced academic expert on coercive control and domestic violence and abuse. She is an in-demand speaker and trainer on the impacts of coercive control on children.

Email Emma at to enquire about her availability to speak at your event or give training for your organisation.

What People Are Saying

Professional feedback on Dr Emma Katz

‘Dr. Katz is an amazingly engaged speaker whose words reach people’s hearts. She received a standing ovation for her talk. Many people fed back how insightful, clarifying and deep her talk was. Her intervention surely was a huge asset in supporting our work towards recognizing children as co-victims/co-survivors of coercive control here in France.’
12th Annual Domestic Violence Scientific Congress, France
‘Dr Emma Katz gave an outstanding talk at our recent event. Not only does she have an impressive knowledge of her subject; she also communicates her knowledge to a diverse audience in really accessible ways. The audience feedback from the talk was excellent; it has inspired a desire to know more and do more about domestic abuse.’
Safe in Faith, UK
‘Attending this live event, I can confidently say I was blown away with how detailed and useful it was. Dr Emma Katz broadened my knowledge surrounding coercive control, and presented examples of what victims go through and how coercive control impacts victims’ lives and their families. As my goal is to become a family solicitor, this eye-opening event affirmed my passion for family law and truly made me impatient to qualify and aid my clients to gain the justice they deserve! The insight I gained from Dr Katz will definitely be remembered throughout my legal career.’
1st Year Law Student, University of London
‘Dr Emma Katz has an outstanding talent for taking complex research and communicating it in a way that makes it accessible, and perhaps more importantly: applicable. Her work helps NGOs such as Women for Women France explain the dynamics of coercive control to decision makers and professionals wanting to improve their understanding.’
Sarah McGrath, CEO Women for Women France
‘Recommendation score: 10/10. The training was well presented, very engaging and validating what we experience as practitioners working with survivors of domestic abuse.’
Jewish Women’s Aid, UK
‘We highly recommend Dr. Katz for presentations on coercive control as a leading expert in the field. She brought important knowledge to our audience in Canada, who noted how this presentation would directly impact their practice and support of survivors.’
Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children, Canada